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It includes foreign trade transportation company, the outer agency, goods transportation agency, etc.


In foreign trade transportation business the freight rate for some goods is calculated by weight or by volume.


In our country, The Siberian Continental Bridgehas played an important role in foreign trade transportation.


Domestics and foreign trade transportation experience preferred. Proactive, working under pressure, best with international trading agency, international forwarding firm working record.


The third portion of the old Certificate of Approval for Import of Wastes is revised to the copy for the foreign trade transportation carrier for file.


The company has established good business relations with China Foreign Trade Transportation Company Shanghai Branch, China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), and People's Navigation Company (PENAVICO).


Well, there are many kinds, such as disputes arising form foreign trade and transportation of goods, cargo insurance, transfers of technology , leasing and so on.


With the rapid and remarkable advances in seaborne containerize transport and multimodal transport, the service industry between foreign trade and transportation is faced with expound change.


Base on the understand of foreign trade feeder line transportation market and customer requirement survey, make out the most important characteristics in customer-concerned service.


Article 65 The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to all arbitration of disputes arising from foreign economic, trade, transportation or maritime matters.


Along with the increasing foreign trade, the water transportation and the port area work have become more and more busy. The increased density of vessels raises the traffic accidents.


As the economy and the foreign trade develop fast, port transportation expands by leaps and bounds.


No additional allocations of raw materials by the state are required and do not affect the national balance of fuel, power, transportation and foreign trade export quotas.


The thing class involves to the synthesis transportation, the foreign trade cargo thing class take the harbor as the best junction sink.


The export 90% of foreign trade of our country realizes through sea transportation.


The Qingdao writing far international physical distribution Limited company is the first-level freight transportation proxy company which Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation authorizes.


Article 65 The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to the arbitration of disputes arising from economic, trade, transportation and maritime activities involving a foreign element.


Understand the general procedure of import and export business, have practical ability of negotiations, customs declaration, and insurance, transportation, implement of the contract of foreign trade;


Summit International Trade Co. , Ltd has developed into a set import and export trade, manufacturing, processing, sale, transportation, storage in one of the foreign trade companies.


Following further development of both domestic and foreign trade systems of south China, the need for container transportation is more and more urgent. Thus, to optimize and develop continuo…


High transportation costs have already affected China's foreign trade. The rate of export growth decreased from about 27% a year ago to 22 % in the first half of this year.


High transportation costs have already affected China's foreign trade.


Export and import services, Foreign logistics operation and resolve the problem of transportation, do import and export business, foreign trade experts and better grasp way of consumption .


Rationally select vehicles and transportation routes to exert regional advantages and accelerate foreign trade expanding;


Guangzhou auto supplies firms in particular for a better long history, convenient transportation, economic development and strategic location, foreign trade developed in Guangzhou.


The growth of foreign trade was distrupted again during the Cultural Revolution when agricultural and industrial production fell sharply and transportation constraints became more serious.


The Northeast economic zone foreign trade turnover 87.6%, Liaoning Province foreign trade turnover 94.7% are all completed through the port transportation.


This company is a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise involved in import and export, production, processing, transportation, and warehousing.


Ocean shipping is an important part of transportation, and can't be replaced by other type especially for foreign trade.


Ocean shipping is an important part of transportation, and cant be replaced by other type especially for foreign trade.